The Life Crafting program helped me recognize and transform my limiting beliefs, increase my confidence and double my income. I was guided to create my unique Dynamic Wellness package with maximum profitability. I witnessed the combination of Howard’s intuitive insights, astrological knowledge and high level business systems.

Kathy McCommon

In Life Crafting, I broke through several key fears that opened the door to effective enrollment and getting more clients. I developed my signature package program and am now selling it. Howard was super patient yet also relentless with me so I could see my true genius and calling.

Rhonda Ohlson

The Life Crafting program allowed me to clarify my life purpose and set my optimum business goal. Now launching my fitness and mindfulness package program.

Travis Groft

The Life Crafting Program allowed me for the first time ever to make serious money with my unique healing gifts. As a result, I’m now helping people all over the US and generating a great income. Thank you!

Jeff Bell

Craft Your Genius Life

Move Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs to Fulfill Your Destiny

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