Life Fulfillment Consultation




Before applying, please read the guidelines below to ensure this session is adapted to your needs.


The Life Fulfillment Consultation is for you if one of these applies:
    • You long to fulfill your purpose and passion but you’re not entirely clear what it is.
    • You’re stuck in a job/career you no longer love and you don’t know how to transition to a life, career or business you do LOVE.
    • You want to reinvent yourself and need help crafting your genius life and ideal path spiritually, creatively, professionally.
    • You feel stagnant and need a solid, sustainable support system with guidance to create your desired breakthroughs.
    • You have some ideas about what you want to do but need help solidifying it and implementing a plan moving forward.
The Life Fulfillment Consultation is NOT for you if one of these applies:
    • You’re concerned with basic income and paying your bills.
    • You’re looking for help to get your next job, i.e. with job search, resume, job interviews OR to be more successful with your current job
    • You have a tendency when upset or overwhelmed to stop communicating or run away.
    • You have no interest in personal growth and you are not inclined to personal introspection


If you answered yes to any of the first series of statements, then the Life Fulfillment Consultation is for you and you can complete the questionnaire below.


If you resonate more with the second series of statements, I encourage you to reach out to a career coach who specializes in the support you need.


In The Life Fulfillment Consultation, you will:
  • Resolve concerns with finances and generating the income you want, both short and long term.
  • Understand the nature of life fulfillment and the steps to achieving it. This includes personal satisfaction, optimum contribution or impact in the world with your unique gifts and the freedom to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want.
  • Discover the extraordinary power and profitability in a leveraged business model and how you can use it to effectively to make money doing what you love
  • Recognize the potential for huge breakthroughs with personal, spiritual growth tools that resolve limiting beliefs, emotional patterns, relationship difficulties while building unshakable confidence at the same time.
  • Learn how the Life Crafting system and program can empower you to achieve your goals and also advance significantly on your spiritual path


Please complete all items below as completely as possible. Your information will be held in the strictest professional confidence.

Upon completion of your application, you’ll be directed to our calendar where you’ll be able to schedule your session. I’m personally excited to meet you and support you in Crafting Your Genius Life.


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