Life Crafting Programs

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The Jumpstart Program

The JumpStart Program is a major leap forward on your path to success. You will learn and apply powerful tools and skills impacting every facet of your personal and professional life with a support system empowering you forward on your path.

The Jumpstart program will allow you to build a solid foundation with your income, self marketing, clarity about your value, unique gifts and personal spiritual path.

  • Stabilize and increase your income while reducing dependency on salaried employment
  • Increase your skills and confidence in self marketing and clarifying your unique value in the marketplace
  • Breakthrough in self knowledge, clarity about your unique life path and understanding how to transform your challenges into opportunities
  • Establish an effective support system, and transform limiting beliefs

The Business Launch Gold Program

The Business Launch Gold Program will guide you to clarify your purpose, passion and unique genius, then craft an ideal business in which you make money doing what you love. All the systems, tools and support you need is included in this comprehensive, life changing package.

The Gold program guides you to clarify your life purpose, optimum target market and package program.

  • Significant Increase in Income from sharing your own unique gifts
  • Clarity in your optimum life path and personal fulfillment
  • Ability to access your market niche and convert prospects to clients
  • Establish an effective support system, transform limiting beliefs and increase in results and productivity


You will discover your unique life blueprint and access uncommon tools to achieve the success and fulfillment you desire in the Breakthrough Astrology Program.

You will see your life from a different perspective and experience how you are always supported to fulfill your highest potential.

Results from the Breakthrough Astrology Program.

  • Tangible, profound shift in self understanding with a direct experience of your unique spiritual identity
  • Resolve long standing patterns and challenges in a new way
  • Clarify your life purpose, unique gifts and life lessons
  • Learn about all the planetary transits active for the next year and how to take full advantage of every opportunity
  • Acquire a new set of personal and professional tools, practices that will allow you to optimize existing and future situations

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