What Does It Mean To Be Highly Marketable Yet Unemployable?

Many people are highly marketable yet unemployable! You may have acquired a high level of specialized skills and experience which don’t translate into a high paying position. This is especially true now that so many companies are seeking to reduce costs by hiring younger candidates starting out in their careers.

Ironically, the greater your level of skill and experience, the more difficulty you will likely have, making you unemployable at least at the salary level you need to be receiving.

On the flip side, these same advanced skills make you highly desirable and marketable in a freelance, consulting or entrepreneurial context. The reason is that in this context, you are a problem solver which is exactly what’s needed and wanted in the marketplace. The key distinction is that each environment or context has a different set of rules and criteria. It is vital for you to see this, understand it and, as soon as possible, apply it effectively.

Invest In You

You could easily spend the next 6-9 months or more peddling your resume to companies or recruiters and get no results, or spend the same time generating significant income and simultaneously establishing yourself as a respected go to professional in your optimum niche.

If you sit down with paper and calculator and determine the costs and the risks, you will be shocked. The loss of income for this time is huge not to mention the hit on your self esteem and confidence.

So how can you make this critical shift?

You’ll need an open mind along with a good dose of courage and self trust to change your mindset and focus. You’re also going to need to see some success stories or role models of people with similar backgrounds to yours who made this transition successfully. This is needed to prove to yourself this is possible. After spending the majority of your life in the world of employment it is no slam dunk suddenly becoming comfortable being independent. However, it can be done and is being done everywhere and everyday.

The most important thing you will need is a highly experienced mentor or guide who has mastered the tools and art of life/career transition and entrepreneurial marketing. Equally important will be the ability to help you gain clarity of vision and purpose for yourself because your motivation and confidence will stem from your ability to know and trust when something feels right.

A good guide or mentor will help you gain this clarity and make the critical shift to an entrepreneurial mindset. Even if you never considered this seriously and even if you’ve associated entrepreneurship with high risk, you can do this AND you need to do this ASAP.

The truth is that the corporate world is highly unlikely to offer a seasoned veteran like yourself the level of creativity, challenge, satisfaction, autonomy and freedom you truly want and need at this stage of your life and career.

Our Life Crafting Program has been providing this exact kind of support and mentorship for decades. To learn more and get started, I encourage you to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session here. Doing this simple step today will open a door to a new opportunity in which you can make money doing what you LOVE! I look forward to meeting with you!


Howard Sambol

Howard Sambol is the creator of the Life Crafting program which guides you to clarify your gifts and passions, then craft an ideal business and make money doing what you love.

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