The Promise Game
The Promise Game
A New Model for Achieving Breakthrough Results in All Aspects of Your Life


Do You Ever Feel Completely Overwhelmed by Life?

Do You wonder how you're going to get it all done?

The Promise Game brings a laser beam focus to your life by supporting you in keeping your attention on what's most important. This happens as a result of a unique structure and partnerships with dynamic people who care about you and your success. 


How Would Your Life Change If:

  • You increased your productivity by 100%?
  • Your daily activities were completely congruent with your deepest passions and goals?
  • You had access to an empowering community of professionals committed to your success?
  • You shifted your framework of accountability from fear and authority to personal empowerment?

If ANY of the above strike a chord for you or your business, it is time to learn about and get started with The Promise Game™!

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Promise Game Basics

The Promise Game™ is a rewarding, practical tool and a transformational life experience. It will impact your life on many levels. The first and most immediate impact of playing the game is a significant increase in clarity, motivation and concrete results with all your goals and projects.


How Is The Promise Game Different from other Success Programs?

In addition to our cutting edge accountability structure, The Promise Game includes:

  • The life changing benefits of a Mastermind group
  • Access to an dynamic coaching environment normally costing several hundred dollars per month
  • Training in state of the art communication methods relevant to your professional and personal life
  • The revolutionary BeliefCloset Method for transforming limiting beliefs and moving your life forward in amazing new ways
  • Training manuals on successful career transition, business development and relationship selling
  • Mentoring in Passive Income Programs that reduce financial stress and open the door to Financial Freedom.

Imagine for a moment having your own board of directors totally committed to your life success. Now combine this with all the tools above and you will have a glimse into the impact and value The Promise Game™ can bring into your life.


Promise Game Benefits

You will learn how to Eliminate:

  • Procrastination, distractions, wasted time and lack of focus
  • Overwhelm, stress, confusion and conflict
  • Fear of letting others down, embarrassment, criticism.
  • Uncertainty in your career direction or business strategy.

You will learn how to Increase:

  • Clarity, alignment, confidence, momentum and productivity
  • Integrity and trust in all your relationships
  • Ability to make and keep promises with yourself and others
  • Satisfaction that arises from winning, succeeding and learning


How Can YOU Get these Results? 

Play The Promise Game in earnest and utilize the support of our Learning Community. The coaching and feedback you will receive will allow you to quickly get up to speed and have a blast at the same time.


What is the Cost of The Promise Game Program?

The Promise Game is free to play for 90 days! After that you'll have an opportunity to enroll in one of our paid programs if you wish to continue.

What Will Happen

Immediately after registering, you'll receive an email confirmation with instructions of how to get started. Simply follow the steps. Once, you're on our community forum, you'll have access to additional support if needed. You'll also gain access to The Promise Game ebook and materials. 

Now is the Time to Begin!

If there's any area of your life not progressing the way you would like, now is the time to start accelerating your results and your satisfaction with The Promise Game™.

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Promise Game Impact

I've been playing The Promise Game™ now going on 4 months and it is truly a very powerful tool keeping me on track with my promises to myself and others. The best part is being able to forgive myself and others - if I don't complete a promise by my stated date.

I can renegotiate the due date and move forward. What a relief not to feel stressed out! It truly works, and my confidence and motivation keeps increasing which is what makes it fun!

I encourage everyone to check out The Promise Game™ so you can move forward in a fun way.

Eve Libertone
Event planner and Virtual Assistant


The Promise Game™ opened my eyes to how often the promises I made to myself were being broken. It quickly became apparent how this was sabotaging my success.

I saw that I was treating promises to myself as optional and not valuing what was important to ME. I always won the argument as to WHY I did not do something. My "kindness" to myself was derailing me.

While I'd move heaven and earth for promises made to others, I would not extend the same commitment to myself. After further exploring with my Promise Game buddy, I discovered my limiting belief “what I want does not matter”. What a realization!

Today, I'm treating promises to myself and others with equal importance. I have permission to say “no” when something gets in the way of promises to myself. This has substantially impacted my success.

My procrastinating is gone and I'm still amazed that this shift happened from playing a game!

Bill McAdory
Executive Coach and Business Consultant


Should you choose to play The Promise Game™… Your world will become open ended, fun, abundant with opportunities and you will find comfort in the face of ongoing, endless transformation and growth.

Steven Sinclair
Organizational Development Specialist


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