Creating Change

Most people want some things to change in their lives. However, how many people are successful in actually bringing about significant and lasting change? According to many studies, most people have difficulty bringing about their desired changes.

What is it that you want most? A better, more satisfying job or career? Increased income? More time to spend with your family, to do the things you love and enjoy? Time to travel? Time to study or learn something new, build a business of your own? Perhaps the time for creative pursuits? Whatever your desires or goals are, there is a good chance statistically that your dreams will not become a reality. The unfortunate truth is that most people continue doing the same things in the same way year after year hoping things will somehow change.

I am not saying this to be negative or discouraging but rather to take a realistic view as to what you will need in order to create the desired changes in your life. To get a handle on this, lets take a look at highly successful people who are achieving their goals and living the life they want. What is it that these people tend to do?

First, they become absolutely clear about what they want and they write it down. They look closely at their desires and values and they create a defined sense of purpose. They imagine what their life will be like when they have achieved their desired outcome and they take the time to really FEEL emotionally connected to their desires. By doing all these things, they are actually creating an inevitability about their success. This is the law of attraction (the secret) in operation. You can create this same result for yourself.

Second, they create a timeframe in which they want their goal to be achieved. They do not leave this to chance saying "I hope it happens by next Spring". Rather, they make a promise to themselves as to when it will occur even if they don't initially know HOW they're going to do it.

Third, they create a plan which serves as a roadmap. The plan breaks down the result into small manageable steps. As each step is completed, they feel a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence which fuels their forward movement. We call this the Confidence-Success Spiral. I'm sure you've experienced the feeling of "being on a roll" at some point in your life but did you know that you can create this experience deliberately and intentionally? You can!

Fourth, they start taking action. This may sound obvious at first, but consider how many people mull over their ideas forever and often never actually get started. It is the people who can overcome inertia and take action that get results. It is natural to feel a little scared entering uncharted territory, but remember that a vehicle in motion is far easier to steer than one standing still! Once you are moving, you can make adjustments, i.e. course corrections and... you can therefore deal with the unexpected twists and turns that show up along the way.

Fifth, the successful person has some structure for the process. Rather than approaching the journey in a haphazard or fragmented way, they work on their project at regular intervals like every Saturday afternoon or Wednesday evening. There is some degree of consistency in their actions. Otherwise, there is always the possibility (even the likelihood) of getting distracted and losing momentum.

Sixth, they have support in their life. They do not pursue their goals in a vacuum. There is at least someone who will give them feedback, encouragement and ideas, to help keep them on track. Sometimes this takes the form of a coach or mentor. Coaching accomplishes many things. It keeps you focused, productive and aware. It provides the emotional support, an effective strategy and the tools to generate the contacts, the marketing, the job offers or the clients or customers for your product. Have you ever considered getting a coach? It is much easier and more affordable than you might think. At the end of this article, I'll share how you can obtain high impact, quality coaching for the cost of a cup of coffee.

Seventh, to accomplish their goals, successful people use one or more toolkits with a proven track record of results. Similar to the toolkit used for a home remodeling project, the tools chosen will depend on the goals and the nature of the project.

If their desire is to change careers they would seek the best tools for this task. Our Career Crafting program is one such toolkit. In Career Crafting, you will find tools for clarifying your interests, skills, talents, passions, changing limiting beliefs. There are tools for mastering the art of communication so you're able to develop and sustain key alliances. Doors open. Opportunities are created and not by accident. You will also learn the very latest social media and marketing tools to rapidly expand your network within your market niche.

Lastly, the successful person recognizes that each goal or desire in life generates a process. This process will be exhilarating some of the time and uncomfortable at other times. The discomfort is the result of stretching, expanding, becoming more of who you are and realizing more of your full potential.

Of course, there is always the temptation to give up when the going gets tough, or to just distract yourself with other tasks that seem more urgent at the time. Perhaps you say to yourself "I'll get back to my project later when I have more time." Recognizing your own patterns of self sabotage is the beginning of true mastery. Coaching plays a huge role in this area because you are able to see your counterproductive patterns and change them so you are no longer working against yourself!

There are obstacles on every path. By accepting and understanding this you learn to use each obstacle or challenge as an opportunity to discover something new, to harness a new resource. By seeing life and success from this perspective, a context for learning is created which is a powerful and compelling motivator for change.

These eight steps to successful change occur every day for many people. While many people give up quickly on their goals and dreams, there are others who remain committed and tenacious.
Of course they fall off their bicycles from time to time because they take risks. However, they get back on again. These are the type of people we work with at Breakthrough Coaching.

Key Questions

Are you ready to discover and clarify what you truly love, what you really want to do with your life?

Are you ready to live your life purposefully and passionately and experience genuine fulfillment?

Are you ready to eliminate your financial concerns so this is possible?

Taking Action
As you now know, from the article above, it all depends on YOU taking action. The first step is to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our complimentary coaching session. This will allow you see the big picture and create a plan of action for moving forward.