Frustrated by Your Job Search?
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Most job seekers follow a common pattern: sending out resumes, agonizing over the perfect cover letters, hunting on the job boards and getting their hopes up with every interview only to be frequently disappointed.

It seems job seekers expect the process to be painful, stressful and demoralizing, doesn't it?

Yes, they do, because job seekers are programmed to believe "if it doesn't hurt, I must be doing something wrong." In fact, most job seekers enslaved by these long-held beliefs, become terrified of change, doomed to repeat strategies proven to fail.

What do you believe?

Are you seeking a new approach, convinced there must be a better way?

The fact that you are here now tells me you're ready to take action to get what you want - reliable, sustained income using your skills, talent and experience, unlimited by a soft economy and other uncontrollable factors.

I'm glad you're here because I'm about to reveal a true game changer developed over 20 successful years of coaching others to achieve both career resilience as well as true fulfillment.


Pay Close Attention Now


You've probably heard your share of job search horror stories and wondered, "Could this happen to me?"

This is exactly the kind of thinking that keeps you stuck in the familiar job seeking patterns that get you nowhere.

What you're feeling is good old paralyzing fear built upon years of lies shared by recruiting managers and headhunters bent on maintaining their "expert" status regardless of whether such lies fuel disillusionment and despair.


I'm Spilling the Beans on Job Search Lies!


Lie #1: Remaining an employee offers the best opportunity for long-term financial security and least amount of risk.

TruthEmployment in today's market is your riskiest career option! Consider your investment of job seeking time vs . the typical success rate of 10% or less. Now factor in an unsteady economy. Being an employee doesn't look so good, does it?

Lie #2: Sending out resumes, applying to online ads, and networking are effective ways to land a good job.

Truth: This is the epitome of insanity—doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results. But most of us swallow this lie hook, line and sinker because we've heard it for so long.

Lie #3: With a good education, established skills and industry credentials, you're sure to land a good position with decent salary and benefits.

Truth: 30 years ago, yes! Once upon a time, employers gave retirees gold watches too, But all this has changed. And still, massive numbers of highly qualified professionals continue to operate as if it is 1983 all over again, settling for positions below their skill level and salaries that fail to reflect their talents. One must survive, right?

Lie #4: The person hired is the most qualified candidate for the position.

TruthThis lie actually makes me laugh. The candidate selection process is completely arbitrary and subjective. You might be the most qualified candidate, but never have the chance to even be considered. 

Or, you could make your way through a few rounds of interviewing, only to be trounced by that guy who shares a mutual acquaintance with the CEO. Instead of being rewarded for what you know, who you know (or don't) has bitten you in the assets.  reality that it is WHO you know and not WHAT you know, comes back to bite you in the behind once again.

Lie #5: A Great Resume and Cover Letter will get you noticed and invited for interviews.

Truth90% of resumes are not read. The remaining ones are quickly scanned into large databases based on relevant keywords like years of experience, specific skills, salary requirements, etc.. Most big companies use software to screen resumes, grading them for how well they match open positions. Great for recruiters searching for very best "fits", but a nightmare for job seekers who lack the "insider code" for getting noticed. 

I'm going to show you how to use a simple document that will get get your foot in the door so your resume can actually do its job.

Lie #6: Starting Your Own Business is too risky, requires upfront capital, special marketing and sales abilities and lots of patience before seeing profits.

TruthIn today's world, starting a business is easier than its ever been. The support, guidance and coaching available to new business owners is at its highest level ever. 

The most important prerequisite is a sincere desire to learn. Skills and abilities can be learned. There are also many home based businesses that require little funds to start and no special skills.

The biggest advantage? It's YOURS. Trading hours for dollars becomes a thing of the past.


The Career Success Solution: Your Free Agent Toolkit


Are you getting the message that the rules today are far different, encompassing new terrain that requires new ways of thinking about old problems?

To help you get started, I've developed the Free Agent Toolkit. This is the toolkit needed for navigating The Free Agent Economy.

WARNING! Do Not Try this Alone! This is a step by step collaborative learning process requiring skilled professional help.

Your Free Agent Toolkit Includes:

  • Skilled Coaching
    Skilled, personalized coaching with feedback, brainstorming and support from savvy marketplace professionals who have guided others successfully. Absolutely essential for building confidence and getting results. 

  • Web and Social Media Resources
    Want to connect with key people and organizations? Social media is the answer. We'll show you how to use popular sites like linkedin to build alliances, gain introductions, referrals and access opportunities that match your strongest skills. Without these resources, you're working in a vacuum disconnected from the contacts and opportunities you need to reach your goals.

Your Free Agent Toolkit is a gift from Career Crafting to you, because we'd like you to take a closer look at the many benefits of the Career Crafting JumpStart Program.


  • Clarification and pursuit of your ideal career
  • Expanded income options and accelerated cash flow
  • Freedom from the job search limitations
  • “Graduation” to your new status as a skilled Free Agent professional
  • Confidence locating and landing the best opportunities
  • Enhanced ability to communicate your greatest value
  • A renewed sense of well-being and appreciation for your talents
  • Enhanced professional network
  • Increased productivity and more satisfying results, personally and professionally
  • Ongoing access to professional development tools 
  • Guarantee attendance at training seminars and webinars 


How much might such a package cost? Similar packages sell for hundreds if not thousands each month (Assuming you could even find something like this) , and lock subscribers into a long term contract. 

The Career Crafting JumpStart is normally $17.95/Month*. However, during the month of September we're offering a 30 day trial to the program for only $5. To take advantage of this incredible offer, we ask that you:

  • Put Forth Your Best Effort
  • Communicate Your Progress at Least Once Per Week
  • Share Career Crafting With 3+ People Who Are in a Life/Career Transition

Isn't it time to stop pounding the pavement, and start taking back your life? Jumpstart will open doors for you that you cannot even presently imagine.


Click here to register and I'll see you "on the other side"


Howard Sambol

P.S. I forgot to mention…in today's Free Agent Economy, your ability to market yourself reigns supreme, sometimes even overriding industry specific skills. Most companies don’t care that you’re a great team player, or consider yourself a hard worker.

They only care about how you can solve their problems and improve their profitability. The Career Crafting JumpStart Program will teach you how to make this critical shift, opening new avenues and significantly increasing receptivity to your unique talents. ACT NOW to take advantage of our special 30 day Free Trial!

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