Craft Your Genius Life

Move Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs to Fulfill Your Destiny

Craft Your Genius Life is a complete toolkit for clarifying your life purpose, passion and unique genius and combining them together into a profitable business.

You’re guided, step by step with exercises and concrete methods to the gain the self-knowledge and special gifts that reveal your greatest value and unique contribution.

You will also learn how to transform your perceived limitations, such as fears doubts, limiting beliefs and build confidence and trust in your unique spiritual role and destiny.

With our effective support community, you’ll build a sustained commitment and momentum.

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About The Author

As a major innovator and thought leader in the field of life transition, Howard has guided many people to Craft their Genius Life over the past three decades.

After working closely with Michael Gerber, bestselling author of The E- Myth, Howard won top sales award with an international consulting firm. He also spearheaded the first ever online career program on AOL.

Howard’s specialty is working with those who feel like they’re a square peg trying to fit in a round hole with their corporate job or career.

His unique Life Crafting system combines personal growth, proven business tools and astrology. It has enabled individuals to overcome their limitations and make money doing what they LOVE. You will learn how to make your passion and genius profitable!

Howard’s passion is helping you discover and combine your ideal life path and your creative genius.

Craft Your Genius Life represents the synthesis and culmination of his own life journey.

Howard speaks internationally and has clients in many countries.

If you see yourself as an out-of-the-box thinker with a desire to have an impact, you will find this book to be a lifelong toolkit for your present situation and your successful future.

Craft Your Genius Life

Move Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs to Fulfill Your Destiny

Chapter 1: Concepts and Distinctions

Universe as Intelligent Energy, Law of Attraction, Awareness and Attention

Chapter 2: Shifting Emotional States

Awareness, Witness/Observer, Changing states

Chapter 3: The Role of Beliefs

How Beliefs impact all your experience, identifying your beliefs

Chapter 4: Your Spiritual Growth Process

Your unique identity and life blueprint, What is Astrology?

Chapter 5: Discovering Your Life Purpose

Tools for exploration and discovery, getting to your deepest truth

Chapter 6: Fulfilling Your Desires

Power of Your Imagination, Accessing Your Creativity, Wanting VS Having

Chapter 7: Overcoming Limiting Patterns

Emotional Triggers that derail you, Experience and Story, Desire and Resistance, Transforming Beliefs

Chapter 8: Operating in Your Genius Zone

Identifying Your Unique Genius, Combining Purpose and Genius, Unshakable Confidence, Making Money Doing What You Love

Chapter 9: Transforming Relationships

Clearing Withholds, Expressing Appreciation

Craft Your Genius Life

Move Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs to Fulfill Your Destiny

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